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Manufacturer of customized advertising material

Expertise born of experience

Le Fermoir was founded in 1928, and takes its name from the metal fastenings for bags and purses which it originally manufactured. Still a family-run business, the company is today one of the leading manufacturers of promotional items for the brewing and beverage industries.


In step with new technology

Le Fermoir's technical expertise sets the standard in its sector. Our mastery of CAD and CAM technology as well as 3D moulding and modeling, laser cutting, metal forming, vacuum moulding, metal electrodeposition and silkscreen printing enables us to adapt to clients' individual needs and deliver a truly personalized service. Le Fermoir's reputation has won it business in over 50 countries all over the world. We have many loyal customers and we work hard to remain their number one choice year after year.



Looking to the future

We are constantly harnessing technological developments to improve and develop new products. We are also continually seeking ways to make our clients' lives easier. We can take on the entire task of specifying, designing and manufacturing a range of promotional items. Alternatively, if you know just what you want we can produce items to your personal specification. We are happy to work with you at whatever level suits you best.

logo LeFermoir

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